Here at TOKI, immersion is everything, and we're here to transform your trip to Japan into an unforgettable adventure. We offer not only travel tours around Japan's most famous hot spots, but also exclusive cultural tours through which you can experience Japan's history and traditions first-hand.


Cultural Tours

Even after opening its doors to the West, Japan has retained its identity through the preservation of its unique arts and traditions. Simply observing Japanese culture can be breathtaking, but experiencing Japan's mystique firsthand is bound to leave you with an unrivaled impression of Japan at its finest.

Suggested Duration: 12 days

Locations: Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, Kanazawa

From ceremonial arts to swordsmithing, this tour highlights the traditional side of Japan’s arts. Create your own masterpieces alongside artisans and craftsmen in their personal workshops, immerse yourself in the world of Japanese traditional performance, and discover the nuances of Japanese elegance through traditional ceremonies of tea, incense, and flower arrangement.


Suggested Duration: 12 days

Locations: Tokyo, Kyoto, Naoshima, and Takamatsu

While Japan has always been famous for its traditional arts, Japanese modern art and pop culture have become global hits within the past decade. Take a wild spin through the craziest and wackiest of Japanese modern art and design while meeting world-renowned designers, participating in private workshops, and learning about the latest fashion trends from Japan’s fashionista.

Suggested Duration: 7 days

Locations: Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Naoshima, and Hiroshima

Nothing presents a better timeline of Japan than its own architecture. The ancient shrines and temples of the past juxtaposed to the sleek modern designs of today provide a unique narrative of past and present. Take a tour across the country alongside some of Japan’s most knowledgeable architects while enjoying the hospitality of Japan’s most architecturally famous hotels and ryokan. 

Suggested Duration: Varies

Locations: Kyoto, Osaka, Wakana, and Shiga


If Japanese history and Buddhism pique your interest, prepare yourself both physically and spiritually for an intense journey through the thirty-three Buddhist temples of Western Japan, known collectively as the Sangoku Kannon. Traverse through the enlightening past of each temple while collecting proof of your pilgrimage on a wall scroll, in the process creating a one-of-a-kind memento amongst families and friends.



Suggested Duration: 8 days

Locations: Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, various


Let your tongue guide you on this exquisite adventure, enjoying the best cuisine Japan has to offer. Compare the distinct regional tastes in different parts of Japan, and savor the Japanese chefs’ artful choice of seasonal ingredients, seasoning, and presentation. Japan is home to a myriad of flavors, so don’t hesitate; just take a bite and let your senses do the rest.

Suggested Duration: 7-10 days

Locations: Tokyo, Kyoto, Naoshima, and Takamatsu


Dive into the Japanese zen spirit with your body and soul. Forget about your busy life and live in the moment on our most prestigious tours and relaxing spaces that we have handpicked for you. Exclusive tours and experiences at sites like they do not exist elsewhere in the world will provide you with one and only retreat and unforgettable memories.


Spectrum Tours

Explore the vast natural beauty that Japan’s numerous islands have to offer. Venture across majestic mountains, journey through forests of dancing cherry blossoms, and enjoy the mixture of modern and traditional cityscapes. From Hokkaido to Okinawa, TOKI invites you to enjoy the full spectrum of urban landscapes and idyllic highlights that await you!

CITIES: TOKYO greater metropolitan area


From the historical to the avant-garde, Tokyo culminates everything “Japanese,” and represents what Japan was and is today. Host to a plethora of sub-cultures and traditions, Tokyo is Japan’s super city. Whether your interest is pop culture, immersing yourself in the traditional arts, or perhaps even taking a leisurely hike in the surrounding forests, Tokyo is bound to have what you’re looking for. 




Being the former and current capitals of Japan, Kyoto and Tokyo are two cities that have come to represent the nation in their own unique ways. For those new to Japan, visiting both cities is simply a must! Enjoy the fleeting cherry blossoms of spring, the rush of life in the summer, the torrent of autumn colors, and the dazzling illuminations of winter.

CITIES: Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, and Hiroshima


The Kansai region is the western gate of the main island, and it transports you away from the Tokyo metropolis for a whole different kind of adventure. Travel through western Japan’s most famous historical spots and relive its vibrant and exotic past—all while mingling with locals in Osaka and Kobe for a taste of Japan’s finest soul food.




From super cities to ancient towns and rural villages, experience the treasure trove that central Japan has to offer. Breathe in the rush of Tokyo, take a dive into the rich cultural past of Kanazawa, and enjoy the absolutely stunning beauty and depth of Shirakawa-go and Takayama.


CITIES: hokkaido



Love snow and winter goodness? Enjoy festivities? Hokkaido has it all—plus more. For those willing to brave the cold, the cheery festivals across the towns and cities of Hokkaido will certainly warm you up. Enjoy an array of winter sports while zipping through the gorgeous landscapes; Hokkaido’s vast winter wonderland is magical beyond words.

CITIES: from Tokyo or Chiba To Shikoku Kyushu Okinawa



As an island nation that geographically stretches from northeast to southwest, Japan boasts vibrant scenery that changes from region to region. Start from Tokyo and move southwest along the coast, and enjoy the changing sights and atmospheres. Immerse yourself in the regional cultures, histories, and natural wonders.



We proudly present a special itinerary that features accommodations on a unique luxury vessel. We have curated an exclusive partnership allowing our guests access to first-class hospitality while at sea. If you’re looking for rejuvenation and relaxation, we highly recommend clearing your thoughts while experiencing first-class hospitality, cuisine.