Job Description: This position allows you to introduce the fascination of Japan to foreign guests. You will manage their whole trip from planning and marketing to presenting the itinerary to our customers. 

Preferred skills and experience:
Experience studying or working abroad. Knowledge and work experience in PR, event planning, hospitality industry, luxury industry. 


  • Business level Japanese and English.
  • More than 3 years of studying or experience working abroad (Japanese schools not included)

Other preferred qualities:

  • Native level in another language (Chinese, French, Spanish, Russian)
  • National Examination for Certified Travel Service Supervisor(Domestic or General)
  • Translator license
  • Knowledge of Japanese culture
  • Knowledge of various services for the high income class

Specifics: You will be in charge of all the services for guests originating from a country which you are most familiar with. You will work with experts in service planning, PR, marketing, and travel coordination. You will suggest plans to our guests with creative and artistic backgrounds. In addition, we may ask you to plan activities for specific customers, and help enrich our website contents and SNS.