CITIES: Tokyo, Kyoto, Naoshima, and Takamatsu

ACTIVITIES: Bonsai, Ceramics, Fashion, Paintings, Modern Art, Pop Culture, Stage Performance

about this trip

While Japan has long been famous for its preservation of traditional arts, its modern art and pop culture have become global hits within the past decade. In this tour, we’ll take you on a wild spin through Japan’s craziest and wackiest collection of art and design. Meet world renowned designers and participate in private workshops across the country. Browse through exclusive museums and galleries, and get insight into some of the latest fashion trends of Asia from Japan’s top fashionistas. Whatever avenue of pop, art, or culture you’re looking for, we’ll neatly bundle the best of Japan’s modern art and design into the palm of your hand.

why we're obsessed:

  • Get lost in the towns of Kyoto and experience first-hand the people's lives from centuries ago

  • Enjoy a customizable balance of Japan's historical and traditional aesthetics and newly kindled contemporary arts in the Asian and international hubs in Tokyo and Naoshima

  • Experience works of globally renowned artists only accessible in Japan

Sample Itinerary to Get you Started

day 1-4 (Tokyo)

Tokyo is where traditional techniques and the newest ideas and innovations thrive side by side. It is a hub that attracts artists from all over the world and simultaneously introduces new interpretations and views to the increasingly global society. We will provide you with an opportunity to witness this international movement first-hand. The Mori Museum and Hara Museum collect art created by some of the best known artists in the world and bring it to the heart of Tokyo - but don’t forget to explore some of the smaller galleries, where you will find the works of budding young artists. Absorb as much as you can by immersing yourself in the synthesis of various artwork. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the fusion of modern design with the traditional knowledge of Kutaniyaki porcelain in our exclusive ceramics painting tour add-on.

day 5-7 (kyoto)

Famous for its beautiful centuries-old temples and shrines, Kyoto has preserved the spirit of finding Japanese aesthetics throughout aspects of everyday life. Besides visits to traditional sites, remember to embrace the unique atmosphere of the city streets. Discover small art galleries and stumble across unique examples of contemporary architecture that will only make your trip more magical. Some of the must-see museums and architectural works include the Kahitsukan Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Glass Tea House, designed by Tokujin Yoshioka. We offer a day trip to the Miho Museum, which exhibits an incredible combination of east and west while presenting some of the world's most precious art, such as Egyptian statues from the 13th century BC.

DAY 8-9 (Naoshima)

Stepping off the ship, Naoshima awaits you - an island with a combination of classic and contemporary art, all in the middle of nature. Formerly a site used by the metal industry, the island has become a place that attracts artwork from all over the world. On a beautiful day, we recommend hopping on a rental bike to cycle to destinations. You don’t want to miss out on the gorgeous scenery along the way. The Chichu Art Museum will impress you not only with famous works by Claude Monet, James Turrell and Walter De Maria, but also with environmentally conscious architecture designed by one of the world’s most well-known architects, Tadao Ando. Built underground to preserve the scenery, the museum is incredibly spacious and bright. You will also enjoy the detailed and dynamic design at the hot spring, I <3 Yu.  

DAY 10-11 (Takamatsu)

Experience a life where art is part of your everyday life for a few days. In Takamatsu, artists themselves are residents of the town and the residents are users of the products and architecture. The designer of the Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum Japan moved his studio to Takamatsu and spent the last few decades of his life both in Takamatsu and New York. Immerse yourself in the entire space that constitutes his old house, which he designed himself along with the gardens. For more synthesis of nature and art, visit the Shikokumura Gallery where you will be welcomed by a stunning view of a garden and a tranquil, flowing stream. Not only can you appreciate the architecture designed by Tadao Ando, but you can also begin to understand how Japanese art has changed over the generations through the influence of Buddhist relics and European paintings.


Reflect on your long stay - tell us what you have missed and where you would like to revisit. This is the last chance for some last-minute shopping and visits done until the next time you visit Japan.