Our Team

The TOKI team is a gathering of both native Japanese and people from all around the world who share the same values: the need to preserve Japan’s authentic and traditional culture in an ever-changing world. Our common goal is to assist our artisans’ continual pursuit of their ancestral traditions as well as provide TOKI guests with only the highest quality experiences.

Meet the team who bridge the cultural gap between you and the artisans. The main members of TOKI are supported by a handful of part-timers, interns and a great number of expert facilitator-guides to ensure you get the experience of a lifetime.



Yuko, raised in both Tokyo and NY. Her experiences of receiving education from both Japan and the US, working on cross-boarder projects in multinational teams during her years in global strategy and design consultancy firms drove her motivations to start TOKI.

In her free time, she practices as a tea apprentice, travelling around the world and visiting museums, as well as enjoying good food.


Romy is a Japanese native who grew up in Tokyo, LA and Singapore. Romy has worked for leading global corporations in the music industry, including the launch of iTunes Japan. Romy has lead events and festivals, and marketing partnerships for both Japanese and foreign clients.

At TOKI, she leads the Experience Curation and Relations.


Born in China and have graduated from a Japanese university, Sue developed a great interest in mutual understandings between cultures and passion for cultural interpretation.

Sue has been pivotal in developing unique, customized cultural experiences for mainly Chinese speaking guests. She is known for providing warm, high touch services and is also a big foodie.


Born in Hawaii to a Japanese mother and a Hawaiian father, Ashley grew up fluent in both English and Japanese.

After interning with Toki during college, where she was President of the Japan club, she joined the company as a full time member after graduation. Presently she works on enhancing client communications and hospitality for English and Japanese speaking guests.


Born and raised in Japan, Mayuka attended international schools throughout her secondary education and college in the US. She has a variety of working experience, including Fund raising for college, strategy consulting, and the launch of Uber Japan. At TOKI, she oversees strategy and organizational projects. In her spare time she performs as a professional buto dancer. 


From LA, Kevin is a professional shamisen koto performer, having received his natori-rank title under the renowned Honjoh school. He has performed in top theaters, G7 meetings, and on national TV.

He is also an excellent writer too and at TOKI, he is in charge of contents and publications.