The TOKI team is a gathering of both native Japanese and people from all around the world who share the same values: the need to preserve Japan’s authentic and traditional culture in an ever-changing world. Our common goal is to assist our artisans’ continual pursuit of their ancestral traditions as well as provide TOKI guests with only the highest quality experiences.

Thanks to our native Japanese members, we were able to make exclusive partnerships with the most authentic artisans and craftsmen of Japan, in order to propose experiences normally not accessible to the public.

We enjoy working in a multicultural team as we are eager to understand the mindsets and expectations of people from other cultures. Doing so gives us a greater ability to create for every guest a personalized, tailored experience in Japan.

We believe it is important to retain a firm understanding of the various layers and nuances of Japanese culture, and discover ways to present these complexities in a meaningful way to foreign visitors, facilitating a gateway so that our guests can enjoy the best that Japan has to offer.



Meet the team who bridge the cultural gap between you and the artisans.

The main members of TOKI are supported by a handful of part-timers, interns and a great number of expert facilitator-guides.



Founder. Lived in Tokyo and NY. Worked in US and Europe based strategy and design consulting firms.

Enjoys traveling around the world and visiting museums, and practicing tea ceremony.


Head of Experience Curation. Lived in Tokyo, LA and Singapore. Worked in media and music IT platform.

Enjoys movies music, visiting art festivals and practicing tea ceremony.


China relationships. Lived in China and Japan.

Sue has been pivotal in developing customized cultural experiences for our Chinese speaking guests and is also a big foodie.


English speaking client relationships. Lived in Hawaii, New Hampshire and Tokyo.

Stays active with tennis and dancing, and in her free time likes to paint and draw.


Strategy and organization. Lived in Yokohama and the US. Worked in strategy consulting, launch of IT platform and donation funding.

Performs as a professional butoh dancer. 


Marketing contents and publications. Lived in LA and Tokyo.

Performs as a professional shamisen player with a natori title.


PR and partner relationships. Worked in PR and coordination for global luxury brands.


Travel consulting and arrangements. Lived in new Zealand and Japan.

She loves to go hiking and sometimes goes camping on the weekend.


Head of Technology. Lived in Osaka and Tokyo. Worked in both domestic and global mega tech companies.

Performs as a rapper and has published books on rhyming.


Strategy and finance. Lived in Tokyo, Hong Kong and LA. Worked in investment banking, private equity and startups.


Communications. Worked in global tech company as PR.


Kansai region relationships. Has lived in Osaka and Kobe. Worked in the media industry and also runs a multi-lingual company.

In her free time, she volunteers at an international charity organization based in Kobe as a board member.




“With a childhood spent in Japan, I consider myself well acquainted with Japanese culture. However, I still find myself learning new things everyday. As I grow with TOKI, I realize more and more that Japanese culture is unique. The people who are engaged in the culture world do not treat it as a mere hobby;  they have been engaged for generations, and even centuries, of their family lineage. They are not just passionate and skilled, but have a responsibility to keep their values and techniques alive to pass down to the next generation. They are so dedicated, with an unwavering motivation to purely work on their craft. They devote their whole selves to their singular, focused culture. This is quite different from how the rest of the people in this world live.

As I nurture this service, I have encountered traditional houses and craftsman that cannot sustain themselves and go out of business. Every time, I feel sad learning that generations of compiled history, stories, and techniques will be gone with the closure of the house. Realistically, I think it may not be possible to sustain all traditions. But I simply think that it would be a less interesting world without unique cultures lying within each city. Without culture, everyplace in the world would be the same, there would be no inspiration.

Through TOKI, I want to preserve and bring new life to these cultures, so they can continue to inspire us for generations to come.”



We pride ourselves in providing our guests exclusive access to the highest level artisans and craftsmen that Japanese culture has to offer.

Our passion to introduce our guests to the best of Japan burns bright, and it has been the driving force behind TOKI since its establishment.


At the heart of TOKI lies our company values and philosophy, which drive us in every way. 

They are what help keep us passionate about our work, and they constantly remind us about the traditions, cultural partners, and guests who are touched by our activities.


TOKI aims to re-imagine travel, luxury, and innovative sustainability by recreating the customer experience through curation and partnerships.

Through this, TOKI envisions a world where unique and valuable culture is appreciated and preserved, which they believe will inspire others and lead to a more interesting world.