The Basics


CITIES: Start from Tokyo or Chiba and crawl along the coast down to Shikoku Kyushu Okinawa

SIDE TRIPS: Fuji, Hakone, Nara, Osaka, Himeji Castle

SEASONAL BREAKDOWN: Great in the Spring, summer, and early fall

about this trip

An island nation that geographically stretches from east to west and north to south, Japan is topographically rich and boasts a variety of different ecoregions throughout the country. Start from Tokyo and move down to southwest along the coast to enjoy the changing views from one place to another. Immerse yourself in the incredibly rich history, culture, wildlife, and natural wonders.

why we're obsessed

  • Witness different sides of Japan, whether it's the high-end cutting-edge contemporary art and fashion in Tokyo, the Zen spirit and beautiful landscapes of Miyajima, or the peaceful paradises of Yakushima and Okinawa.

  • Follow the long history of Japan through the legacies of Buddhist and Western influence found in architecture and relics

  • Enjoy a flawless dining experience at the location and season that offers the best of the best

Sample Itinerary to Get you Started

day 1-2 (Tokyo)

After arriving in Tokyo and getting settled into your lodgings, we have prepared a number of different tours around Tokyo to match your preferences. From traditional to the latest of pop culture, Tokyo has it all. Journey across time in Asakusa as you stroll through tradition at the famous Sensoji temple while gazing at the modernity of Tokyo Skytree. Find yourself in the heart of Tokyo, specifically one of the most prestigious business districts neighboring the grand Imperial Palace itself. Discover art in the theaters of Ginza and adorn yourself with the latest fashion trends in the youthful bustling streets of Shinjuku. There’s just so much to do and much more to see, so buckle up as we zip you around one of the world’s fastest paced cities.

day 3-5 (kyoto and osaka)

Find yourself transported back in time as you explore the beloved cultural treasure trove of Japan--Kyoto. With a myriad of world renowned historical relics, it proves itself as the former glorious capital of Japan. Surround yourself in culture and tradition as you stroll through the simple yet beautifully arranged gardens and gorgeous temples of Kyoto. Embrace mystique as you hike through the thousands of gates at Fushimi Inari Shrine and cross through the bamboo groves of Arashiyama. Witness both glamour and aesthetic austerity in the twin temples of the Golden and Silver Pavilions. Enjoy yourself as you immerse into the deep history of Japan.

Just half an hour away, take on Japan’s third largest city Osaka and enjoy some of Japan’s finest savory soul foods: Okonomiyaki pancakes and Octopus puffs. With its lively atmosphere, Osaka is a great representation of the Kansai area and people in contrast to Tokyo. Spend some time shopping around, visit the famous Osaka castle, enjoy family time at the Osaka Aquarium, and mingle with locals while enjoying local cuisine in downtown Osaka.

Optional 3 day side trip

Fancy a side trip outside the big cities and into the beautiful recesses of Shikoku. As one of Japan's main four islands, Shikoku, while as a whole more rural, offers its own cultural treasures in the form of art, food, historical relics, and hot spring resorts.

Journey through the beautiful Awaji island and past the Naruto strait as you make your way to the capital of Shikoku, Tokushima. Enjoy the local castles, the numerous stellar parks, puppet shows and other cultural activities Tokushima has to offer as you stay the night. The next day, you'll find yourself along the upper coast in Takamatsu, home to some of Japan's most famous designers. Visit their museums and stop by local folk museums to take in a timeline of absolutely splendid cultural beauty. And last but not least, for the final day in Shikoku, travel to Japan's oldest hot spring resort as you stay the night in Matsuyama. Lingering with nostalgic feel, the town is filled with an assortment of historical relics such as the Bocchan train, stage to famed Natsume Soseki's novel Bocchan. Past this, you’ll be back on track, travelling shortly through Onomichi on your way to Hiroshima, the city of water.

DAY 6 (miyajima)

Next on the coastal crawl lies the breathtaking island of gods, Miyajima. Known for its unparalleled beauty and iconic spectacle of the giant gate in the waters, Miyajima is home to the enchanting Itsukushima shrine and majestic Mount Misen. There are also plenty of old fashioned shopping streets to enjoy the historic atmosphere of the island. Spend a day at Miyajima and see for yourself why the island of gods is known as one of Japan’s best scenic spots.

DAY 7 (fukuOKA)

Cited as one of best cities in the world to live in, the dynamic city of Fukuoka is absolutely filled with beautiful sights to see and fun things to do! Given its close proximity to both South Korea, China, and Southeast Asia, Fukuoka city sees an influx of a myriad of different cultures, creating an international feel of progressiveness. Spend a day of fun at the seaside and marine parks, or fancy a side trip over to the beautiful garden island of Nokonoshima Island.

DAY 8 (yakushima)

A verdant oasis off the coast of Kagoshima, the island of Yakushima is brimming with all sorts of fauna and wildlife. With ancient moss covered trees over thousands of years old, the forests of Yakushima are simply mystical, providing inspiration for famous works such as Miyazaki Hayao’s “Mononoke Princess.” Equally as stunning are the glittering stretches of beaches and sparkling rivers flowing throughout the island. Nature lover or not, a day of adventure at Yakushima is sure to create a magical memory for a lifetime.

day 9 (okinawa)

Welcome to the paradise islands of Okinawa! Though the southern islands of Japan, Okinawa is an entirely new treasure box of unique culture waiting to be opened. Take on some of the world’s best stretches of beaches and forestry at places like Ishigaki and tackle ancient history with some sightseeing at ancient castle ruins. Partake in Okinawan cultural activities like glass crafting and gorge yourself on the local cuisines too. If you are feeling adventurous, how about a dive into the sapphire blue sea and a swim with the colorful marine life of Okinawa? Whatever it is, just remember to relax and enjoy yourself! After all, Okinawa is the ultimate vacation spot with a natural beauty and luxury you won’t find elsewhere.

Day 10 (Tokyo)

Reflect on your long stay and tell us what you have missed and where you would like to revisit. This is the last chance for you to get some last-minute shopping and visits done until next time you visit Japan.