SIDE TRIPS: Nikko, Hakone, Fuji, Kamakura


about this trip

From the historic to the exotic, Tokyo represents what Japan was and has become. It is home to countless subcultures and traditions, as well as a whopping 13 million people; Tokyo is without a doubt the super city of Japan! Spend up to a week enjoying the avant garde of pop Tokyo or immersing yourself in the traditional side of the city. Or perhaps taking a leisurely hike in the contrasting surroundings of Tokyo is more your cup of tea. No matter what it is, you will find what you are looking for in Tokyo.  

Explore Tokyo with an expert guide and a full-time private driver; stay in the finest hotels and enjoy exclusive introductions to craftsman, Michelin-starred chefs, a sake sommelier and other experts in various fields.

why we're obsessed:

  • Experience omotenashi first-hand; the combination of great service and top-notch cuisine unique to Japanese culture, at the finest hotels

  • Gain exclusive hands-on experience of crafting Japanese arts including kiriko glass and wagashi sweets

  • Enjoy a customizable balance of Japan's long history of traditional aesthetics and the cutting-edge thrills of modern society and contemporary fashion

Sample Itinerary to Get you Started

day 1 (Tokyo)

You'll likely be exhausted when you arrive in Tokyo, so take your time to settle in, rest, and stretch your legs. When you're ready, we'll take you on a luxurious dinner escapade through some of Tokyo's best nightscapes.

day 2 (Tokyo)

Want to see, hear, smell and feel the atmosphere of traditional Japanese spirit? Start off your day in the busiest fish market of the world with exclusive inside tours of the inner Tsukiji market. You will have the chance to peek into long-standing relationships between shop-owners and sellers with centuries-old knowledge of fish. Of course, you'll also get to taste the definition of freshness in a private session with top sushi chefs!

In the afternoon, tour around Hamarikyu Park, one of Tokyo's most gorgeous sites, and enjoy sceneries of early Japan in Asakusa and Ueno. While you're at it, would you care for a performance of traditional Kabuki theater? Wrap up the day in Japan's most luxurious and longstanding business and shopping district of Ginza.

DAY 3 (tokyo)

Over the past few decades, youth culture has brought numerous changes to the grand city of Tokyo. Be it fashion or music, Tokyo's youth are on top of the latest trends. So for a day, dive into the pop culture of Japan's most modern city and experience the latest of crazes in districts such as Shibuya, Daikanyama, Harajuku, Shinjuku, and more! Get ready to explore exotic and unique products in Tokyo, the trend setter not only of Japan but also Asia and perhaps the world.

And as a last touch, the glamourous Roppongi awaits you for another exquisite evening meal to close the evening.

option 1: DAY 4 (side trip to nikko)

The rush of Tokyo is certainly an experience on its own, but sometimes you want to get out of the city and surround yourself with nature. If that is the case, a day trip up to Nikko may be exactly what you are looking for.
Home to several national treasures including the renowned Nikko Toshogu, Nikko is a stellar balance of both natural beauty and historical value. Witness the great Kegon falls, take a leisurely boat ride across Lake Chuzenji, and soak in the famous hot springs of Nikko. No matter what time of year it is, Nikko remains one of Japan's most beautiful jewels.

option 2: DAY 4 (side trip to kamakura)

Just an hour outside of the heart of Tokyo is a small quiet town with historic temples, nature for hiking and beautiful beaches. While experiencing the tranquil sceneries, it will be hard to believe there was a century of blood shed in the old political capital of Japan around seven hundred years ago. Instead, you will see legacies of Buddhism that proliferated around the same time. A walk around a number of temples might take you deep into the zen spirit but you cannot miss the breathtaking Great Buddha, a 13.35 meter (43.8 ft) bronze statue. If you would like, we will take you to a former house of Japan’s most famous historical potter Kitaoji Rosanjin for pottery experience or private gallery followed by a minka architecture talk.

day 5 (tokyo)

It's only been a short while, but we hope you enjoyed the trip and will remember Tokyo for years to come. As you prepare for home, on the last day we will take you around Tokyo to get any last requests for shopping, museum exhibitions or unique Japanese cuisine settled.