The Basics


CITIES: Tokyo, Kyoto, Naoshima, and Takamatsu

ACTIVITIES: All suites, best restaurants, tea houses, geisha dinners, meeting best artists, chefs and craftsman, private gallery visits, professional guides including architects and shopping experts

about this trip

For people who only want the best and smoothest travel experience

For people who care about quality and exclusive opportunities

why we're obsessed:

  • Have an ultimate zen experience at temples within nature, remote from large cities

  • Experience omotenashi for yourself; Japanese hospitality, a unique part of Japanese culture, combined with the finest hotels

  • Have a flawless dining experience at locations and timings that offers the best of the best

Sample Itinerary to Get you Started

day 1-2 (Tokyo)

Begin your vacation in one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, and enjoy some downtime in a spacious and comfortable guest room accompanied by flawless service, restaurants, and hotel amenities. The hotel might be the perfect accommodation, but there are even more places for the perfect relaxation just a stones throw away. One of the most incredible things about Tokyo is that just a few minutes away from the modern, bustling shopping and business districts, one can find areas of quiet that are full of culturally rich attractions, including Ueno Park and the Toshogu Shrine. Taking a walk through nature is great for a retreat, but we can also create a customised personalised itinerary by selecting the best destinations just for you from the countless hidden galleries and restaurants scattered throughout Tokyo. Find unique crafts from different parts of Japan at smaller museums, including the Folk Museum, Nezu Museum and Art 8 gallery. Enjoy eateries where the chefs have cultivated a unique philosophy regarding their craftsmanship and presentation.

Make your stay in Tokyo an unparalleled and memorable one by enjoying one of our exclusive tours. Meet expert craftsmen with whom no normal travellers have access to and participate in hands-on experiences with them. Make kiriko (Japanese glass cutting), wagashi, or sushi under the instruction of experts in the field, or witness the making of a sword and feel the Japanese spirit resonate within your own heart.

day 2-4 (ise)

Ise is home to the most important Shinto shrine in Japan, Ise Jingu Shrine. It has historically been a famous location for pilgrimages for several centuries, and it can sometimes be found in the lyrics of Japanese traditional songs: "you should visit at least once in your life...". The wooden shrine complex was constructed as early as the seventh century, and it has been rebuilt in 20 year intervals ever since its construction. The shrine is not only historic but also a sacred location, and the surrounding forest and streets create the perfect place for a casual stroll. Peruse through our variety of optional additions that will make your stay in Ise a unique one, molded to your liking. Amanemu is a luxurious hot spring that just opened in March 2016, and it combines the comforts of Japanese hospitality with the beautiful views of Ago Bay, which offer different sights throughout the year. If you want to see a hot spring like you have never seen before, we will take you to Pearl Aurora Bath, where the water has a lustrous sheen and is known for its unique "Pearl Collagen" and other minerals that are found in the water. Make sure to end your long day with delicious local cuisine, such as the famous Ise-ebi lobster or Matsuzaka beef.

DAY 4-6 (okinawa)

If you're looking for a relaxing time in Japan, Okinawa is one place that cannot be brushed over. The southern islands are surrounded by turquoise water are a simply beautiful sight. Lounge by the beach and enjoy the serenity under the warming rays of the sun. For those who are active, the easy access to the water is perfect for marine activities, including snorkelling, scuba diving, kayaking, jet skiing, glass-bottom boats - you name it. Try island hopping by water-buffalo cart, explore the town, and meet friendly local people while biking through the quaint neighborhoods. Come across handmade crafts that do not exist anywhere else and entertain your taste buds with unique cuisine, such as umibudou (seaweed that looks like bubbles) and Okinawa soba noodles.

DAY 7-9 (TOyako)

If you want the perfect combination of breathtaking views, relaxing hot springs, and delectable cuisine, Hokkaido's Toyako is your answer. Toyako's hot springs are located right by Lake Toya, and on clear days you can gaze at Mt. Yotei above in the background, a truly magnificent experience. Or you can sit by the lake and lose track of time while enjoying the beautiful view for hours. What is amazing is that there's more! Toyako is home of delicious local food, especially beef, dairy, seafood, and vegetables. Whatever dish you decide to try, you will be savoring the fresh flavors of the area.


Reflect on your stay, and tell us what you missed and where you would like to revisit on your next trip. This is your chance for last-minute shopping and visits until the next time you visit Japan.