Private Heliport And Dining Space in the Kyoto Mountains


Capacity:40-50 guests
Price:Please contact us to inquire about pricing.

Soar above the skies and cruise through the clouds as you discover the true soul of Japan’s main cultural capital, Kyoto, from your own private heliport.



Known as Japan’s old capital city, Kyoto (京都) provides visitors with a more relaxed, historical and elegant ambiance that contrasts significantly from the ultra-modern, lightning-fast-paced atmosphere of the Tokyo metropolitan area. A journey through the city’s centuries-old cobblestone streets will reveal intriguing architecture and take you on an exciting ride into the past.


Formerly the Imperial capital of Japan for more than one thousand years, Kyoto often captivates hearts and minds with its astounding collection of historical temples, Michelin-starred restaurants, local cuisine, as well as its preserved traditional districts such as the district of Gion (祇園), famous for its geisha. Although ravaged by wars, earthquakes, fires and other major events over the centuries, Kyoto was spared from much of the destruction caused by the Second World War. With over two thousand temples, a plethora of traditional gardens, palaces and other iconic structures, Kyoto stands as one of Japan's prime examples of an unspoiled historical city. Kyoto is also home to about a fifth of Japan’s National Treasures, many of which have a coveted spot on UNESCO’s World Heritage list.

For those seeking an immersive experience into some of the richest aspects of traditional Japanese culture, Kyoto certainly does not disappoint.


Planning Your sky cruise event

One of the most exciting additions to any visit to Kyoto is a bird’s eye view of the city. 

Your event will include a rare, breathtaking helicopter tour over one of Japan’s oldest and most well-preserved cities, enabling you to explore the city free of large crowds, long lines and traffic jams. Our private sky cruise will provide you with an unparalleled panorama of Kyoto’s beautiful skyline as well as an opportunity to appreciate Kyoto’s best historical sites and landmarks in a way that few visitors ever have an opportunity to experience.

Our Sky Cruise option is available during any season, but for a truly extraordinary flight we highly recommend this feature for those visiting Japan during the spring or autumn months. 


private dining

In addition to your Sky Cruise, upon landing at your private heliport we can provide you with exclusive access to a private residence located in the mountains surrounding the Kyoto area, where you can enjoy a meal prepared by Kyoto’s most famous Italian chef. For larger groups, we also offer our guests the option to curate an event that includes private dining for your special event.