Find Peace and Tranquility with TOKI's Kyoto Garden Tour

Find Peace and Tranquility with TOKI's Kyoto Garden Tour


We are proud to present our Kyoto Garden Tourーa journey that explores Kyoto's fine selection of Japanese gardens, or nihon teien (日本庭園). In planning this tour, we worked closely with members of one of the families that is entitled with the task of maintaining many of Kyoto's most famous Japanese gardens.

The tour extends across Kyoto, visiting many of Kyoto's representative gardens. While learning about the aesthetics and philosophies that encompass Japanese gardens, you will come to view these natural wonders from the perspective of those who have been caring from them for generations.

If a garden tour of Kyoto's best Japanese gardens grabs your interest, follow the link below to learn more about it!


Newly Developed Architectural Tour and Discover the Wonders of Tokyo

Newly Developed Architectural Tour and Discover the Wonders of Tokyo

Get to know Tokyo on a deeper level through our new Tokyo Architectural Tours, and familiarize yourself with the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Stadium designer, Kengo Kuma, in our exclusive interview with the architectural master.

On our architecture tours, you will be accompanied by an architectural professional and discover the unique architectonics of the Metropolis while simultaneously gaining a deeper understanding of the history and the stories that lie behind the ever changing urban landscape that Tokyo is.


comprehensive architecture tour in tokyo

Guided by architecture professional, learn and witness the 400-year history of Tokyo through the surviving traditional and the innovative contemporary works of architecture.


fashion and architecture guided tour in tokyo

Explore the architectural grandeur of various fashion stores in the world’s fashion capital with architecture professional.



up close & personal: kengo kuma

Celebrated as one of Japan's leaders in architecture, Kengo Kuma sat down with TOKI for an insightful interview, providing in-depth perspectives on architecture in Japan, Japanese traditional carpenters (miya-daiku), and personal tips for visitors to Japan.


TOKI EVENTS is Released

TOKI EVENTS is Released

After crafting numerous special events and gatherings, we have accumulated enough knowledge in the planning and producing process to establish TOKI EVENTS, which will further cater to a wider range of guests and their needs. Whether it's coordinating and catering a meeting space, or curating an inspiration trip for your next excursion, we can organize unique and exclusive activities to create the ultimate event experience for you.




At TOKI, we strive to organize only the best of experiences for our clients. To ensure a quality experience, we have selected a variety of beautiful venues throughout Japan for you to enjoy the exquisiteness of Japanese arts.

Our staff members are capable of accommodating the various needs of our clients and planning for a wide-spectrum of tailor-made events. We can manage every aspect of your special occasion from site bookings, interior decor design, and exquisite catering options to inviting engaging speakers and distinguished guests – including artists, designers, architects and entrepreneurs.


For more details, click below to visit our events page.

UPDATED: Goodbye, Tsukiji! Countdown Until Big Relocation

UPDATED: Goodbye, Tsukiji! Countdown Until Big Relocation

update: Tsukiji Market Relocation - Postponed!

The relocation of Tsukiji Fish Market to the nearby area of Toyosu was originally scheduled for the beginning of November, but recent changes have led to a postponement of the big move. For now, the Tsukiji Fish Market will remain at its current location until the beginning of next year. 


-October 5, 2016

Here at TOKI, we're all counting down until Tsukiji Fish Market's big relocation to Toyosu at the beginning of November.

Ever since we began offering the Tsukiji Market tours, they have been extremely popular with guests of all ages. Led by a master sushi chef, the market tour provides an overview of the facility, takes guests through areas typically reserved for professional chefs, and upon request we can arrange for other exclusive opportunities. Many of our guests partake in a hands-on sushi making experience with the chef directly after the Tsukiji Market tour, learning the skill and knowledge it requires to select and prepare the best cuisine possible.

Although the market will still be in Tokyo and is merely moving to a spot east of its current location, it will no longer be the historical Tsukiji that we have all become familiar with. Take advantage of your last chance to experience Tsukiji, and visit our tour page for more information!

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Art of Ikebana: Exclusive Experience with Headmaster of Sogetsu School

Art of Ikebana: Exclusive Experience with Headmaster of Sogetsu School

About Ikebana and Sogetsu:

Japanese traditional flower arrangement is called "Ikebana". We have prepared a special experience that will be led by the fourth generation head of the Sogetsu School of Ikebana, Master Teshigawara Akane, at the school headquarters.

Sogetsu, which is characterized as being the most unrestrictive out of the three major Japanese flower arrangement schools (Ikenobo, Sogetsu, Ohara), is a style that is not restricted by form and makes use of the artist's personality. We promise that it will be a fulfilling time for both beginners and the experienced alike, a moment in which one can satisfy his or her senses and connect with Sogetsu.

About the experience:

Visit the headquarters of the Sogetsu School of Ikebana, listen to the words of the headmaster, observe her working in person, and be taught by her directly. This rare experience is not offered to the general public. Allow TOKI to provide you with a truly blissful Japanese cultural experience.



・Lecture by Fourth Generation Master Teshigawara Akane

・Observe "Ikebana" by the Master

・Experience Ikebana using materials from early summer

・Question-and-answer session



1 Person : 120,000JPY 2〜10ppl: Additional 60,000JPY/Person

Prices listed above includes insurance & translator fee (please contact us for language selection; translator will accompany customer to the activities).

Prices listed above do not include tax nor service fare (10% * incl. rental equipment, reading booklet to the guests prior to the day of the activity)    

Separate fee is required for transportation via taxi or car. Please inquire.


CancelLation policy:


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