Get to know Tokyo on a deeper level through our new Tokyo Architectural Tours, and familiarize yourself with the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Stadium designer, Kengo Kuma, in our exclusive interview with the architectural master.

On our architecture tours, you will be accompanied by an architectural professional and discover the unique architectonics of the Metropolis while simultaneously gaining a deeper understanding of the history and the stories that lie behind the ever changing urban landscape that Tokyo is.


comprehensive architecture tour in tokyo

Guided by architecture professional, learn and witness the 400-year history of Tokyo through the surviving traditional and the innovative contemporary works of architecture.


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Explore the architectural grandeur of various fashion stores in the world’s fashion capital with architecture professional.



up close & personal: kengo kuma

Celebrated as one of Japan's leaders in architecture, Kengo Kuma sat down with TOKI for an insightful interview, providing in-depth perspectives on architecture in Japan, Japanese traditional carpenters (miya-daiku), and personal tips for visitors to Japan.