Experience a tea ceremony at a private temple

Enjoy a traditional Japanese tea ceremony inside one of Kyoto's cultural treasures


Japanese tea ceremony is one of Japan’s most interesting and enduring artistic traditions. More than a ritual for preparing and drinking tea, the tea ceremony is a means to aesthetic appreciation and social interaction that has had a profound influence on Japanese art, architecture, gardens, cuisine and philosophy. 

Inside, the host, dressed in a kimono, performs a series of choreographed movements in heating the water, washing the utensils, scooping the matcha (powdered green tea) into the chawan (tea bowl), whisking the water and tea into a light froth with a chasen (bamboo whisk), and presenting the tea.

While enjoying conversations, guests nibble on wagashi (sweets), drink both koicha (thick tea) and usucha (thin tea), and praise the aesthetic qualities of the tea bowl.

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The tea ceremony will be held in a private temple that was established in the 1600s and is known for its status as an Imperial Covenant. Adorned with elegantly depicted wall and panel paintings, it's also famous for its serene garden that exhibits a calming moss garden as well as centuries old flowering trees that were visited and adored by one of Japan's past emperors. The temple is closed off from the general public except for two short time frames each year, however it is opened exclusively for guests of TOKI.


Enjoy a privately held tea ceremony within one of Kyoto's cultural treasures. You will enjoy VIP access to the temple, which is inaccessible to the public. Your tea ceremony will be hosted by an individual whose family has been practicing tea ceremony under one of the most celebrated tea masters for over 100 years. Experience Japanese hospitality, omotenashi, as you are treated by the host to a once-in-a-lifetime tea ceremony within the exclusive compounds of one of Kyoto's historical treasures.


Enjoy an exclusive tea ceremony within a private temple

Experience includes:Tea, confection, translator, insurance
Duration:Approximately 2 hours
Time:It can be adjusted upon request
Price:Please contact us to inquire about pricing

Recommended for people who…

are interested in experiencing Japanese tea ceremony in an exclusive venue
want to learn the core of Japanese hospitality, omotenashi
want to learn Japanese mannerisms

Optional add-ons to make your plan more memorable...

We can provide TRANSPORTATION, PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY, and KIMONO for your experience.

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