Exclusive CONTEMPORARY ART Tour of Naoshima Island


Chichu Art Museum. ©Benesse

An exemplar model of the harmony between culture and nature, Naoshima Island is today one of the most remarkable art, architecture and design destinations in the world.

For art lovers with a strong penchant for creative eccentricity in search of an escape from Japan’s fast-paced metropolises, Naoshima Island is a worthy side trip that does not disappoint.

Naoshima (直島) is a small, but popular contemporary art island located in the Seto Inland Sea, near Hiroshima. The entire island, a mere 14.22 square kilometers in area (5.49 square miles), is likened to a living museum, dotted with numerous statues and artworks located throughout the island. Naoshima features some of Japan's most celebrated artists and architects including Tadao Ando and Yayoi Kusama, both of whom have worked on numerous installations, buildings and oeuvres. But before it became a major arts destination, Naoshima was home to a long-established, but remote finish community whose economy centered on salt, fishing and manufacturing.

Beginning in 1985, thanks to the inspiration of the founder of the reputed Benesse Corporation (a major education company), the island slowly transformed from a forgotten village to a pillar of Japanese contemporary art. Ever since, Benesse has continued to direct the creation and operation of the island's museums and other art projects. Almost all of Benesse's museums were designed by the eminent Japanese architect Ando Tadao, and include must-see attractions such as the hotel-cum-museum Benesse House Complex, the Chichu Art Museum, the Lee Ufan Museum and the Ando Museum.

Today, the island, with its sandy beaches and sunny weather, provides visitors with a breezy Mediterranean atmosphere and serves as the perfect relaxing getaway. Whether you are seeking a new source of creative inspiration, a relaxing retreat or a moment of childlike playfulness, Naoshima is remains one of Japan’s most undiscovered treasures.

About the experience

Your experience will take place on one of the prime destinations for contemporary art lovers and there is no better way to enjoy its attractions than with one of Naoshima’s foremost art curators. To give our guests a behind the scenes look into this creative oasis, we have arranged a special private tour with a local bilingual translator who is intimately involved in the famous Setouchi Triennale. An experienced guide who will lead you through the island’s many collections and architectural masterpieces, she will be able to answer any questions that you may have and help you discover the perfect island routes to maximize your stay on Naoshima.

For those who wish to further customize their visit, we can arrange a private cruise around Naoshima and the surrounding islands and/or an opportunity to sample the local cuisine, or other unique experiences.

Exclusive Tour of Naoshima Island

Experience includes:Private guiding, translator
Duration:4 or 8 hours
Location:Naoshima and the surrounding islands
Price:Please contact us to inquire about pricing

Recommended for people who…

...with a sense of adventure who love contemporary art, design and architecture.

...are in search of a rich and exciting experience found outside of Japan's major cities.

...are in search of a relaxing way to enjoy authentic, local Japanese culture.


Optional add-ons to make your plan more memorable...

We can provide TRANSPORTATION, PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY, and KIMONO for your experience.

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