ceramics experience: molding, shaping, and throwing with tamba-yaki

Experience the charm of Tamba-style pottery at the atelier of a master potter

The Sasayama region borders Tamba, an area which is known for its ceramics production and is recognized as one of the six oldest and main pottery centers in Japan. Fueled by high quality soil perfect for making clay, pottery created here is known as Tamba-yaki (丹波焼き), and many families in the region have been making ceramics for generations. In fact, driving through the area you will probably notice the noborigama (登り窯), a type of climbing kiln, that can often be seen on either side of the road.

Masahiko Ichino is a renowned ceramic artist who was born and raised in Sasayama. Growing up in one of Japan's oldest and most famous pottery centers, he was surrounded by ceramic artwork ever since a young age. Ichino has received countless awards and prizes for his innovative and unique works. His entire family, from his grandparents to his siblings, is involved in making pottery. 

Although Ichino utilizes traditional methods passed down from previous generations to create his works, he adds a unique, modern flair to his style. His wavy designs, impressive ceramic spheres, and striking color palette are what really struck us as something truly special. He humbly described himself as lacking inspiration, but his creative artistic pieces and countless awards speak for themselves.


Ichino doesn't only make ceramics; he is an artist who also makes his own furniture, designed his own house, and enjoys decorating it with his unique ceramic pieces. He specially opens his private residence, allowing guests to sit down and enjoy conversation with him, all while sipping coffee from one of his own ceramic works. 

Enjoy a stimulating, hands-on experience making your own Tamba-style pottery. Spending time at Ichino's studio, you will have a chance to learn about the long history and culture of ceramics in the region as well as about the ideologies behind Ichino's aesthetics, design sense, and the contemporary application of traditional techniques.

Pottery making and tour of master potter's private workplace

Experience includes:Private guiding, translator, insurance, your artwork + domestic shipping after the pottery is made
Duration:2 hours (can be adjusted upon request)
Location:Sasayama (inquire for further details)
Price:Please contact us to inquire about pricing
Max # of people:Up to 10

Recommended for people who…

wish to learn more about traditional pottery techniques from a leading Japanese potter and artist
are interested in observing and learning more about one of Japan's oldest pottery traditions, Tamba-yaki
would like to leave the urban tumult for a day and enjoy an unforgettable experience in the heart of the Japanese countryside                    

Optional add-ons to make your plan more memorable...

We can provide TRANSPORTATION, PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY, and KIMONO for your experience.

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