It was a pleasure to work with TOKI on this experience and we’ll definitely sign up for another activity the next time we visit Tokyo. TOKI provided an exceptional and fun cultural experience for us during our visit to Tokyo with instruction by a wonderful origami master. I highly recommend it! Many thanks again for your assistance!
— S.B. (Origami Experience - Guest from Canada)
The visualization and explanation of the actual process of making these lethal weapons of such beauty was truly an unforgettable experience. Many thanks to Mr. Yoshindo Yoshihara and his son for a truly awesome experience. Our guide was great in her interpreting for these third generation Japanese from Hawaii.
— F.K. (Witness the Making of Japanese Katana Swords) - Guest from Hawaii
A heartfelt thank you for organizing the Japan trip for me. I received word that it was flawless and I can’t thank you enough. You made my job very easy. Your agency is simply the most helpful and organized I have ever worked with and I certainly hope to have the opportunity to work with you again.
— C.J., New York Investment Firm (Tea Ceremony, Tsukiji Market Tour and Sushi Making Experiences, Custom Itinerary Curation - Guests from New York)
We had a great experience in Tokyo with your company and we are looking forward to organize more events on our next trip to Japan!
— Anna Drakopoulou -Krontira's (Zen Experience and Tokyo City Tour - Guest from Greece)
Beautiful experience in an exquisite house with a wonderful tea master—We felt welcomed and inspired.
— Georges Desvaux (Tea Ceremony Experience - Guest from France)
This tea ceremony will always stay in my memory—even when I am back in Germany.
— Jakob Fischer (Tea Ceremony Experience - Guest from Germany)
Extremely authentic, traditional, nice.
— Yuito Yamada (Tea Ceremony Experience - Guest from Japan)
Thank you very much for giving us the special & memorable opportunities.
This is great experience and learning not only for foreign but for Japanese too.
— E.S (Tea Ceremony Experience - Guest from Japan)
Very interesting; particularly the tea master’s story telling was amazingly insightful.
— T.K (Tea Ceremony Experience - Guest from Japan)
Thank you again for putting together one of the most unforgettable days in Tokyo for our team.
— D.S (Tea Ceremony, Geisha, and Swordsmith Experiences - Guest from Portland)
We have such fond memories of our days with you.
— M.E (Tea ceremony experience guest from Japan)
(Thank you very much for the wonderful time. The tea house and the ceremony were very nice.)
— Haruka Mera, CEO, Readyfor Inc. (Tea Ceremony Experience - Guest from Japan)
I can’t thank you enough for the two incredible experiences you connected us with in Tokyo last week.

On behalf of the team (our client included) I can safely say they inspired us on lots of different levels and have set us up perfectly for what should be a great design phase of our project.
— D.S (Wagashi and Kaiseki Experiences - Guest from London)
I had a wonderful time on Sunday. Sawai san and his wife were delightful to spend time with and it was so exciting to spend time with experts who are also continuing to be so creative and to push the boundaries of their craft. I am now so inspired and brimming with ideas for my own weaving - which as you saw is much less advanced!!
— J.S (Weaving Experience - Guest from San Francisco)
Thank you very much for all the through planning and interpretation. It was a highlight of my trip here: wonderful insight into the lives of Sawai san and his family and their evolution to create new opportunities for their skills and sensibilities. Altogether a wonderful day, thank you.
— T.B (Weaving Experience - Guest from San Francisco)