A word from our guests...

Appreciation taken to another level
We were so touched by all of the considerations that went into the ceremony. From the selection of our tea pottery to the story behind the confectionary all the way to how the tea master would make adjustments in the moment based on what she was learning from us. It's amazing how effortless/seamless the ceremony seems to be, yet has so much thought and consideration behind it. 

Together, but personalized
The ceremony had this beautiful balance of personalizing details to each participant, but reminding us that we were ultimately sharing the space and the ceremony. It equalized us and, in some ways, helped us respect one another even more so.

Time is precious and what you make of it
I honestly walked away feeling like my time was well spent—much more at peace, introspective, and appreciative of the things around me. The ceremony had this ability to almost freeze time and really be in the moment.

There's still so much to learn
We absolutely loved being able to have a conversation with the tea master at the end, and we're so thankful for that. We were so inspired by her and wish we could learn even more! It made the experience that much more meaningful. Please thank her for that (and thank YOU for translating all of our endless questions).


Sera Koo (Senior Interaction Designer of IDEO New York), Lulu Chiu (Digital Art Director, Interaction Designer of IDEO Shanghai)

-Guests from the United States and China