A word from our guest...

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“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Romy and the rest of the TOKI Team for a most wonderful and memorable experience. As I mentioned, visiting Japan has been my life-long dream and that I read a lot about Japanese history and culture. But, even with all the research done, I could have never imagined how beautiful and truly inspirational Japan and her people are.

I want to highlight the quality and great input by your esteemed company in my discovery of Japan. The incredible people that I was introduced to and welcomed by have shown many enchanting facets of the Japanese culture and, if I may be so bold—heart, that left me feeling totally privileged and lucky. Their dedication, passion and most kind hospitality while practicing and pursuing their arts (for what they do appear to be no less than a true art form) are totally inspirational and worthy of the highest commendations. Needless to say that was it not for you and your company I would have never experienced all that I had. Your company has ever so kindly afforded me a rare and unique opportunity to observe, taste, and feel many facets of Japanese culture and tradition. There are truly not enough words to express all the plethora of emotions that are now overwhelming me at this moment. 

Once again, please accept my deepest and most heart felt gratitude for your kind and most spectacular services provided, that have, in all honesty, resulted in an experience that cannot be apprised in conventional, monetary value, and for me is truly priceless. It will stay in my heart and memory for the rest of my days.  

I am certain that when I pay my next visit to Japan, I shall call on you again and continue my discovery of Japan and her people under you and your colleagues’ wise and impeccable guidance. Wishing you and your colleagues all the happiness and prosperity."


Yaroslavna Lasytsya (Consultant of YLCS)

- Guest from The United Kingdom






Optional Add-Ons Included:

  • Restaurant recommendations and bookings in Tokyo
  • Professional photographer arrangements in Kyoto