Our cultural experiences, events, and tours are all customized and tailored to our guests’ wishes. On top of that, we ensure that our services uphold our company values and philosophies, which we strive to reflect in every aspect of our operations.


why choose toki


We pride ourselves in providing only the best of the best, ensuring that your precious time in Japan is well-spent immersed in authentic, traditional Japanese culture.

We provide exclusive access to the secretive world of Japanese artisanal masters, a world to which even Japanese people have no access. Be assured that you will be treated to the highest quality service possible.

What sets us apart from other services:



  • Many of the experiences we offer are not accessible to the public or available anywhere else

  • Our unique curation process involves consulting experts with inside knowledge of each field and selecting the best artisans possible

  • Our partners are well-respected masters of their crafts, each with a heritage or lineage that can be traced back for generations

  • Our partners strive to protect their crafts and to ensure their preservation for future generations to appreciate

  • We actively work with our partners to spread their arts so that people from all over the world can enjoy them



  • Our plans are carefully designed with each guest in mind

  • We offer detailed information about each craft and artisan to guide our guests throughout each experience, from beforehand to afterwards, to help our guests get the most out of their experience

  • With close communication, we carefully coordinate between our guests and artisans to find the optimal schedule

  • We carefully curate our guests’ experiences. Instead of simply assembling a tour, we aim to create a carefully though-out story line that develops throughout the experience, culminating in a unique and enriching experience.



  • We construct our plans around each of our guests' needs, goals, and schedule

  • We are available for consultations to help our guests construct the plan that best suits them

  • Add-ons are available for each plan to enhance our guests' experiences

  • We strive to our utmost ability to make our guests' wishes come true


the story behind

our services


Frequently, we have found friends from other countries asking us, “Where should we go to experience Japanese culture?” However, we realized that we were unable to recommend any venues where a non-Japanese speaker could enjoy an authentic Japanese experience. This feeling of consternation transformed into the impetus for creating TOKI.

Upon further investigation, we found authentic Japanese culture scenes to be very difficult to access, even for Japanese natives. They aren’t advertised to the public, but rather tucked away in a hidden world where there are many layers of exclusivity, and reaching that world is often impossible without a personal connection or a referral.

Over the years, we have been fortunate enough to develop relationships with the very best cultural artisans and craftsmen, whom we proudly introduce our guests to. These are top-level artisans and craftsmen who eat, drink, and breathe their craft, which is also their livelihood. While these artisans tend to be the most difficult to reach, we realized that the depth and quality of their experiences are incomparable.

Through TOKI’s experiences, our guests are able to meet with master artisans, in turn allowing the artisans’ stories to reach public consciousness. TOKI’s partnerships with the artisans allow them share their unique expertise while educating and inspiring our guests. Witnessing the artisans at work, our guests gain a deeper understanding of Japan are able to experience Japanese culture beyond the surface - sometimes on an emotional and even spiritual level.

By connecting our guests with our partners, TOKI hopes to preserve what is most precious to Japan: its culture. We were struck by the fact that many aspects of Japanese traditional culture are threatened, and could even disappear within today’s globalized world. TOKI was created to give traditional industries a new opportunity to introduce their culture to new markets. By making them accessible to foreigners eager to experience them, these threatened industries would be able to profit through new opportunities.

We hope that we will be able to foster a world where Japan’s culture and philosophies are greater appreciated and preserved, which we believe will generate new inspiration and keep the world interesting.

We also realize that for many overseas visitors, their time in Japan is limited. It is for this reason that we felt compelled to develop a way for guests to enjoy a convenient, yet unique and invaluable sample of traditional Japanese culture, even in the heart of urban Japan.



At the heart of TOKI lies our company values and philosophy, which drive us in every way.

They are what help keep us passionate about our work, and they constantly remind us about the traditions, cultural partners, and guests who are touched by our activities.


TOKI aims to re-imagine travel, luxury, and innovative sustainability by recreating the customer experience through curation and partnerships.

Through this, TOKI envisions a world where unique and valuable culture is appreciated and preserved, which they believe will inspire others and lead to a more interesting world.


Curating is no simple task. TOKI centers the planning around you, so that you can, without worry, experience the best of Japan. You can expect an unprecedented level of expertise from the team at TOKI.

Enjoy an experience uniquely designed for you by a Japanese team comprised of individuals from diverse backgrounds.