TOKI was created upon a set of company values which were developed through dialogue among its cultural partners, experience curators, and guide facilitators. Learn about our philosophies, the cornerstone of our operations that ignites our passion and motivates us in our company endeavors.







TOKI respects culture and tradition. Ultimately, we think this is what makes the world unique and colorful. We ourselves spend extensive time studying about our own culture and traditions, and this is how we have found the best artisans to partner with and entrust our experiences with.

In an age of globalized mass production, Japan's traditions of elaborate craftsmanship are disappearing. With changes in lifestyle, certain items are simply no longer needed in the modern age. As the need for a commodity disappears, so does the industry itself. Compared with 30 years ago, the number of people engaged in the "traditional industrial arts" is waning, with a meager 30% of past numbers remaining. At this rate, many of these intangible legacies, which represent hundreds if not thousands of years of Japanese culture, may disappear within our lifetimes.

In 2014, creating TOKI was our response to this impediment. We seek ways to have a sustainable impact and bring new life to these endangered traditional industries. While our guests are provided a chance to directly interact with the masters of these arts, we are careful in making sure that our esteemed artisans all benefit from this partnership.

By introducing these traditional masters in a new light, we initiate an information campaign that revives interest in these aspects of traditional Japanese culture. When you choose to have an experience with TOKI, you can enjoy the world behind the culture while knowing our valued partners are being provided with new sources of income.




OUR Passion FOR

Experience Design


We are passionate about creating great experiences for everyone whom we encounter; our customers, our partners, our guide facilitators, and our own employees.

We are interested in learning about you. From the moment we hear from you, our multicultural team will brainstorm the most valuable experience for you. Whether it’s selecting a suitable guide, or arranging meals that align with strict food preferences, we deliberate over details in order to curate a streamlined and cohesive storyline for your bespoke experience.

We simply wish for you to enjoy yourself, however we also hope that your experience will be one that is unforgettable and exceeds your expectations. Our experiences have the power to resonate within our guests on a deeper, emotional level, as well as enrich the mind with creative inspiration.

Additionally, it is our hope that you will understand the significance and virtue of the traditional arts, crafts, and customs. By having a chance to interact closely with skilled artisans and observe their mastery, you will find an appreciation for their legendary craftsmanship as well as for the historical meanings and significance that lie behind every aspect of Japanese culture.

We are honored to say that we have received many feedback from past guests expressing how their experience with TOKI has changed their lives.







The best experiences can arise when people meet people - through personal encounters and conversations. Bridging our guests and our cultural artisans, one can find our facilitator-guides, who serve to personalize and enhance each and every experience.

They will serve as a cultural bridge between the artisan’s world and yours. Our guides come from a variety of diverse backgrounds, and they too have their own personal stories to share, further enhancing and personalizing your cultural experience.

In order to provide a multilingual guide that best fits your needs, we’ve developed an original process for selecting, training and evaluating our guides.

During the training process, our facilitator guides will personally learn firsthand from our partners so that they can confidently and accurately facilitate your entire experience. The guides ensure that even the conversations are tailored for each and every customer.

At TOKI, we are encouraged to learn more about being open to diverse cultures, enjoying ourselves as we continue to provide professional services.




We pride ourselves in providing our guests exclusive access to the highest level artisans and craftsmen that Japanese culture has to offer.

Our passion to introduce our guests to the best of Japan burns bright, and it has been the driving force behind TOKI since its establishment.


TOKI aims to re-imagine travel, luxury, and innovative sustainability by recreating the customer experience through curation and partnerships.

Through this, TOKI envisions a world where unique and valuable culture is appreciated and preserved, which they believe will inspire others and lead to a more interesting world.

Curating is no simple task. TOKI centers the planning around you, so that you can, without worry, experience the best of Japan. You can expect an unprecedented level of expertise from the team at TOKI.

Enjoy an experience uniquely designed for you by a Japanese team comprised of individuals from diverse backgrounds.