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石榑 信孝



Former Chairman, Pacific Asia Travel Association.

Former Executive officer at flag career of Japan.

Received PATA Life Membership Award in 2009.

Board of the Japan Business Federation (Keidanren).

Board of the Airline Representatives Japan.

Board of the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines.

Board of the International Air Transport Association.

Board of the the Airline Tariff Publishing Company.   




一般社団法人 日本経済団体連合会(経団連)委員, 

在日航空会社代表者協議会 役員, 

アジア太平洋航空協会 役員, 

国際航空運送協会 委員 




Only after I have long immersed myself within trivial sightseeing did I realize that the pleasure behind traveling lies within understanding and experiencing the unique history and culture that is particular to the region. I was lucky to have furthered my own appreciation for traveling through staying overseas and visiting various countries.

The recent trend, for various reasons, has seen an increase in the number of guests who visit Japan from all across the globe. However, language barriers that many foreigners encounter restrict their chances of experiencing authentic Japanese culture.

I too, have been working to promote distinguishingly Japanese experiences to foreign guests, but such coordination proved to be challenging. For example, the prospect of delighting in tea ceremony at Japan’s finest teahouses could be an arduous undertaking, unless one is particularly adept in the art of tea ceremony.

Among all the coordinators that aim to provide Japanese cultural experiences, TOKI is an excellent service that provides foreign customers with exquisitely selected experiences that even the local Japanese cannot easily access. TOKI assembles fine opportunities that even those with sophisticated tastes, as well as professionals in various fields, may relish.

In regards to our foreign guests, please by all means utilize the services provided by TOKI to fully experience and enjoy the unique characteristics of Japan.





そんな中、この「TOKI」は、日本人でも味わえない様なユニークな体験だけをお客様の為に厳選した、卓抜したサービスです。 国内外の目が肥えた方々、各分野のプロフェッショナルもうなる様な体験を取り揃えています。