Learning the ropes in making buckwheat soba: a well-received Japanese noodle dish worldwide

Traditional Japanese cuisine has been listed as one of the many Intangible Cultural Heritages of Japan since 2013. When speaking of Japanese food, sushi, tempura, and kaiseki come to one's mind. Of the important traditional Japanese cuisines, only soba receives the prefix "Nihon" (Japan) and thus can be referred to as "Nihon soba."

To celebrate the arrival of a new year, the Japanese eat "toshikoshi (moving on to the next year) soba" on New Years Eve. Through tradition, soba has become a lucky charm during important events and festivals.

While buckwheat is grown in many countries, the history of soba in Japan began roughly 9000 years before present. Since the 16th century, soba has taken the noodle form that people are accustomed to seeing today. The way soba is processed and seasoned are all uniquely Japanese.

about the experience

We invite you to explore soba-making under a chef who has studied at a Michelin 2-star restaurant. While you are in Japan, we would like for you to enjoy the pleasure of soba-making (and soba-eating) at Itamae's famed shop.

At first glance this may seem to be a relatively simple plan, but in the process of making soba you will be able to witness the skills and experience of a top soba chef. We know that you will get a lot out of this unique experience.

Experience includes:Soba noodle making and eating
Duration:2 hours (can be adjusted upon request)
Availability:Weekdays lunch only
Location:Roppongi (inquire for further details)
Price:Please contact us to inquire about pricing
Max # of people:up to 10

recommended for people who...

want to be immersed in a noodle-making tradition with thousands of years of history
want to work directly with a Japanese Michelin chef to make the best soba possible


We can provide TRANSPORTATION, PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY, and KIMONO for your experience.

Please inquire.