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Experience making sushi with a sushi chef who is regularly sought out by gourmets around the world

Since 2013, traditional Japanese cuisine has been added to the list of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritages. Within Japanese cuisine, sushi has captured the hearts of gourmets from all over the world.

There has been an endless line of reservations for popular sushi restaurants in Tokyo. While sushi's attractiveness stems largely from its deliciousness, the charisma of the sushi chef behind the counter and the way he interacts with customers are also reasons why sushi remains so popular today.

about the experience

As an option in this plan, you can also choose to visit Tsukiji Fish Market with the sushi chef to pick out the ingredients for the sushi making. Chances to make sushi with a top sushi chef are hard to come by, and we hope that you will enjoy this unique opportunity.

about the artisans

Chef 1: A fourth-generation sushi chef who was born and raised surrounded by the world of sushi. He is also a sommelier and enjoys pairing sushi with wine and sake. He places great emphasis on the importance of pleasing the customer through hospitality, conversation, and adjusting each sushi to the customer’s taste palate. He was previously invited by the Japanese government to be a sushi demonstrator at the Milano Expo.

Chef 2: With a strong background in both sushi-making as well as Japanese cuisine, he is able to cater to almost any request. He has had experience working as head chef behind the counter of a Michelin star-rated restaurant. Eating at his counter is like being immersed in an  all-encompassing work of art. From the moment you enter his domain, the cuisine, the atmosphere, and his deft movements create an all-encompassing performance.

Chef 3: He has been honing his sushi-making technique since 1987. With experience working in both Tokyo and London, he has been called upon to help with the opening of numerous sushi restaurants. With experience training at high-end Michelin-starred restaurants, he maintains a fan base includes Hollywood actors and stars who visit him at his restaurant in Tokyo.

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Sushi making with exclusive Tsukiji tour by the chef

Experience includes:Sushi-making experience with exclusive Tsukiji tour
Duration:4 hours (can be adjusted upon request)
Location:Minato-ward or Shinagawa-ward, Tokyo (inquire for further details)
Price:Please contact us to inquire about pricing

Sushi making

Experience includes:Sushi-making experience
Duration:2 hours (can be adjusted upon request)
Location:Minato-ward or Shinagawa-ward, Tokyo (inquire for further details)
Price:Please contact us to inquire about pricing

recommended for people who...

● want to get to know a chef who has had years of training in the craft and watch him in action
● want to taste true world-class sushi


We can provide TRANSPORTATION, PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY, and KIMONO for your experience.

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