Enjoy a relaxing night of elegance in a traditional tatami room, with a tea ceremony and kaiseki course-meal accompanied by specially handcrafted alcoholic pairings created by a tea master.

Enjoying a night of food, drink, and hospitality, and discover inspiration in the intimate space of a tea room.

Enjoying a night of food, drink, and hospitality, and discover inspiration in the intimate space of a tea room.

For those looking to try something new, we highly recommend this unique, culinary treat. You will be entertained to a night of Japanese kaiseki course cuisine, Japanese tea, and specially prepared alcoholic beverages.

While the Japanese traditional tatami room usually serves as the stage for tea ceremony, this time you will enjoy the space as a bar, where you can relax next to the warmth of flickering candlelight - transporting you to another time.

Keeping in style with Japanese traditional tea ceremony, you will sit across from the tea master as he expertly prepares your beverages. The calming yet sophisticated atmosphere will heighten your senses while you enjoy conversation and the master’s performance as he creates your drinks.

Your taste buds will be enlightened by the fusion of flavors that utilize traditional Japanese flavors and motifs to create a unique selection of cocktails - with names derived from ancient poems and literature that creatively evoke seasonal delights.

In Japanese tea ceremony, the tea master carefully curates every aspect of the event - from the selection of teaware and accessories to the decorations that adorn the tokonoma alcove. During your experience, you will enjoy a specially curated selection of serve-ware and ingredients.

About the Experience

At a location tucked away in the middle of Tokyo, you will enjoy the intimate and relaxing atmosphere of a traditional Japanese tea room while experiencing Japanese hospitality to its fullest. Your evening will include kaiseki course cuisine, tea ceremony with sweets, and seasonal handcrafted alcoholic beverages. The tea master who will serve you is the headmaster of a tea ceremony school, and he pedagogically descends from a line of tea practitioners that can be traced back to the roots of Japanese tea ceremony, Sen no Rikyu.

Experience includes:Private kaiseki dinner, tea & alcoholic beverages
Duration:2 hours (can be adjusted upon request)
Location:Tokyo (inquire about the location)
Price:Please contact us to inquire about pricing
Max # of people:up to 8

Recommended for people who…

● wish to enjoy a chic evening of delicious food, tea, and handmade cocktails
● would like to experience Japanese hospitality at its finest
● want to deviate from a traditional experience and try something fresh and unique

Optional add-ons to make your plan more memorable...

We can provide TRANSPORTATION, PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY, and KIMONO for your experience.

Please inquire.