Zen meditation with head monk in a private temple

Intimate, restorative and relaxing, the ancient practice of zazen will provides its practitioners with a unique, peaceful respite from the demands of daily life.

Zen Buddhism is among the most recognized schools of Buddhism globally. It has influenced the personal and professional lives of many high-profile figures such as, Steve Jobs and even Oscar-winning actor Jeff Bridges.

Although notoriously difficult to define, Zen Buddhism is generally understood as the practice of meditation in order to achieve enlightenment.

Seated Zen meditation, or zazen, as it is called in Japanese, is a form of meditation that is a means of achieving peace, clarity and self-discovery, all while sitting on a cushion. It is believed that through the practice of zazen, Buddha achieved enlightenment. Zen meditation helps individuals to detach themselves from the pleasures and sorrows of the material world.

About the experience

Make a deeper journey into Japanese culture that will leave you with much more than classic photographs and fond memories. Meet the Head Monk of a 400 year old temple in Tokyo, who will guide you through a personalized zazen experience. The session will be held within a Japanese temple, usually inaccessible to the public. It is worth noting that visitors are generally not allowed to enter the buildings at Japanese Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines.

However, exclusively for our guests, the Monk will open the doors of his inner temple for a private Zen meditation session. Learn how to breathe, concentrate, focus, and engage in positive introspection. You will leave the experience feeling relaxed and serene.

Your meditation session will conclude with an elegant traditional tea ceremony. The ways and means of serving and preparing tea vary from one country to another. But in Japan, serenity and respect are the main ingredients. During your visit, you will encounter some of the time-honored approaches to Japanese hospitality, tea preparation and will undoubtedly enjoy drinking tea with your host.

About the Temple

Your experience will take place in a Buddhist temple, established in 1623. The temple was built to commemorate the mourning of the famous Samurai warrior Masamune Kuroda who had fought in the Battle of Sekigahara, an event that helped establish the Tokugawa Shogunate. The temple was relocated to its current location in 1931, currently nestled in the luxury neighborhood of Hiroo, Tokyo. It is said that it is a miracle that the temple is still standing, having survived both The Great Kanto Earthquake (1923) and World War II, despite being located in the city center. The temple currently houses six nationally recognized designated cultural assets.



Zen Meditation with Head Monk in a Private Temple

Experience includes:Private zen experience, tea, sweets
Duration:2 hours (can be adjusted upon your preference)
Location:10 min from Roppongi, Tokyo (inquire for further details)
Price:Please contact us to inquire about pricing