With exclusive partnership with the Palace Hotel Tokyo, TOKI is rolling out two exclusive accommodation packages.

The Art of Kabuki - 2 nights accommodation at the Palace Hotel with exclusive experience to fully enjoy Kabuki, the well-knownbut not always well-understood ancient stage tradition. The package includes tickets to a performance at the Kabuki-za theater, a mecca for the art form, which recently reopened after a major restoration. Guests will sit down to a pre-performance lunch with a local Kabuki journalist and commentator who will introduce the stage art before the curtain is raised. Post-show, a backstage meet and greet or even a dinner with members of the cast and crew can potentially be arranged, along with the chance to be dressed in a Kabuki costume.

Sensationally Sumo - 2 nights accommodation at the Palace Hotel with experiencing the excitement of the Japanese national sports sumo. During three annual tournaments held in Tokyo (January, May and September), a one-time sports broadcaster and current sumo sports writer and announcer accompanies guests to the all-day spectacle at the hallowed Kokugikan arena and complements the event itself with a visit to the arena’s museum.In the two weeks leading up to each sumo season, hotel guests can plunge even more deeply into the sport’s culture with an expert-accompanied private tour of a sumo wrestling training stable and the chance to chat over a lunch of traditional chanko nabe, a hearty stew eaten by wrestlers to add to their bulk, prepared by the wrestlers themselves.

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