About Ikebana and Sogetsu:

Japanese traditional flower arrangement is called "Ikebana". We have prepared a special experience that will be led by the fourth generation head of the Sogetsu School of Ikebana, Master Teshigawara Akane, at the school headquarters.

Sogetsu, which is characterized as being the most unrestrictive out of the three major Japanese flower arrangement schools (Ikenobo, Sogetsu, Ohara), is a style that is not restricted by form and makes use of the artist's personality. We promise that it will be a fulfilling time for both beginners and the experienced alike, a moment in which one can satisfy his or her senses and connect with Sogetsu.

About the experience:

Visit the headquarters of the Sogetsu School of Ikebana, listen to the words of the headmaster, observe her working in person, and be taught by her directly. This rare experience is not offered to the general public. Allow TOKI to provide you with a truly blissful Japanese cultural experience.



・Lecture by Fourth Generation Master Teshigawara Akane

・Observe "Ikebana" by the Master

・Experience Ikebana using materials from early summer

・Question-and-answer session



1 Person : 120,000JPY 2〜10ppl: Additional 60,000JPY/Person

Prices listed above includes insurance & translator fee (please contact us for language selection; translator will accompany customer to the activities).

Prices listed above do not include tax nor service fare (10% * incl. rental equipment, reading booklet to the guests prior to the day of the activity)    

Separate fee is required for transportation via taxi or car. Please inquire.


CancelLation policy:


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