A word from our guests...


“Having TOKI for me was like having the keys to the secret doors. Behind the doors, that I was fortunate to walk through, was always something unique and inspiring...

I was introduced to the art of Ikebana by a phenomenal teacher. Her own creations I always found original, delicate and exquisitely beautiful, as if they were a reflection of herself.

By learning about Ikebana, I discovered a new kind of appreciation for nature and surrounding objects, which brought me a sense of peace and harmony. Rather than an art of flower arranging per se, this was a discovery of a whole new philosophy for me.

I was also fortunate to have a lesson from a very talented calligraphy artist. Besides the fascinating visual aspect of it, he reminded me of something very important, the key to anything we choose to do, whether it be calligraphy or something else: that it should come from our heart... I was only able to have one lesson, but it was so worth it!

I must as well mention the wagashi making lesson, which took place directly in the artist's studio, thanks to special arrangements made by TOKI. The place itself was something to see. But the artist's unique approach to wagashi making, that I found most remarkable. He would receive a special request, beautifully handwritten by a tea master on a long scroll. To find the inspirations for his new creations, he would read the ancient books of Noh, and interpret them into the language of wagashi dough...

Finally, the experience that combined everything mentioned above and so much more: the tea ceremony. Located in the middle of busy Tokyo, the historical teahouse surrounded by a breathtaking garden, felt like a complete escape: peaceful, harmonious and refined. Our wonderful tea master was the most gracious, cheerful and elegant host. I was astonished by how much consideration there was in every single detail and how many cultural elements the ceremony combined. It is no wonder it takes people a lifetime to be able to understand and truly appreciate the whole process. For me this was only a start. And I am extremely grateful to Yuko and Romy from TOKI for teaching me so much about it!

And last but not least, I would like to say a special thank you to my wonderful curator Romy, who opened all of these (and many more) doors for me. She carefully planned the entire itinerary to such detail, that I never had to worry about a thing, and just enjoyed it. Romy, you showed me Japanese hospitality at its best. I cannot thank you enough!"



- Guest from The United States




  • Specially curated itinerary focusing on Japanese philosophy and aesthetics, omotenashi (hospitality), presentation, attention to detail, and inspiring creativity throughout all aspects of life.